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I am shutting down this rp 

I am so sorry, but I no longer have the muse I had to run this anymore. I will probably delete in a week. Again I am so sorry. You guys are an amazing bunch and I hope to rp with you again in the future.

the-loft-rpg wrote:
"Hello! We're a new 3x3 rp looking for fun and active role players. All of our characters have open fcs. I would love if you let your followers know (:"


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dorothy---gale wrote:
"Here's Rapunzel~"


for the dream para: 

it is all real. like its really happening, but then ursela (me) will cast a spell on sunday night making everyone think it was a dream. the interview process after this is really for ursela to figure out what you know.

any other questions?

Rapunzel Audition 

Welcome to Neverland Rapunzel. Make Your Account within the next 24 hours.


Name: Megan <3
Age: 14 (15 on Oct 30)
Timezone: EST/PST
Activity Level: (1-10) 8-10

Character Wanted: Rapunzel
Sexuality: Straight

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